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About Rita

Hello, I'm Rita. I’m happy you are taking the time to read my bio! Hopefully this will encourage you to take a leap of faith for the vibrant future you hold and know that anything you want to achieve is possible …… and with the focus I can provided you, highly achievable!

After finishing school, I spent many years studying and looking for that magic spark of career interest and motivation. It wasn’t until I found a course offering iridology that I fell in love with health and well-being and food and its amazing capacity to heal. I completed a certificate in aromatherapy and three years of a degree in Naturopathy, but elected to stop as I felt it was incongruent with my lifestyle!

Even with all these studies, I felt unfulfilled and lacking in clarity about my direction. In the past I had made imperfect choices when dealing with stress and life challenges. It wasn’t until after children that I again followed my intuition and continued studying to become a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, incorporating my love of health with the mind body connection. 

Wanting to utilise food and nutrition more in my practice, I then became a qualified Health Coach.  After working with these modalities for a while, it became very apparent to me that to create true lasting change and passion in clients, I needed something more.  After further study, I also incorporated the power of Essential Oils to anchor and lock in new beliefs and routines.  I also studied with Robbins Madanes Training to utilise strategies and techniques in Human Needs Psychology.

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I am passionate about helping others achieve their dreams with empathy, understanding and conviction. I have had many life experiences and certainly my fair share of challenges, so whatever you’re going through or have been through, I will relate to you without judgement and with great passion.

So together, we can create your beautiful future.

With Love, Rita xx

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Rita's Qualifications

Certificate IV Aromatherapy

Diploma in Kinesiology

Health Coaching Qualification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Additional Qualification in Hormone Health from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Certificate in Kim Morrison’s Health & Lifestyle Education Program.

Certificate in Birthing Wisdom with Rhea Dempsey

Currently Completing 2 Qualifications with the Functional Nutrition Academy.

Currently Completing Robbins Madanes Coaching in Human Needs Psychology.